Passed Security+ Certification

I am excited to share that I've successfully achieved the CompTIA Security+ certification, an essential stepping stone in my burgeoning cybersecurity journey. This feat was the culmination of strategic self-study, effective use of premium resources, and a strong commitment to personal development, all while pursuing my regular academic coursework and gaining hands-on nursing experience in hospitals.

Central to my study strategy was a daily self-study routine of 75 minutes dedicated to reviewing flashcards on Anki, a flashcard program that employs space repetition for effective learning. The regimen, although demanding, was made manageable through the use of the "Streaks" app, which helped me maintain consistency and momentum in my learning journey. This blend of technology-assisted learning and old-school physical reminders, like post-it notes, proved to be an effective study strategy.

Balancing this intense self-study routine with my academic workload and clinical nursing experience was a formidable task. The parallels between cybersecurity principles and healthcare practices, particularly regarding confidentiality, helped in the process. I found a significant correlation between the CIA triad in cybersecurity (Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability) and the HIPAA regulations that I adhered to while providing nursing care. The critical importance of confidentiality - in securing data in cybersecurity and protecting patient information in healthcare - was a concept that resonated with me.

Looking forward, I am enthusiastic about deepening my knowledge in the field of cybersecurity. Potential paths include pursuing certifications such as CompTIA's CySA+ and Pentest+, and engaging in hands-on learning through courses like 'Computer Security: A Hands-on Approach' on Udemy.

The completion of the CompTIA Security+ certification represents a notable step in my cybersecurity journey. However, I see it as the beginning of a future filled with more learning, growth, and accomplishments in the dynamic field of cybersecurity. My journey continues, and I am more motivated than ever to rise to the challenges that lie ahead.